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How about offering an In The Kitchen apron like David has for customers to order with their own name on it?

I see that when David is hosting the "In the Kitchen with David" show he's wearing an apron that has on the apron's chest the words -->

"In the Kitchen"

and below that, his name



SUGGESTION - how about offering such aprons for sale at QVC for customers to order -- with their name written in white below the words "In the Kitchen?"

We've got Foodies here!!

Could make it so that you sell the apron with the words "In the Kitchen" on them. Once QVC receives the customer's order, QVC sends (by U.S. mail or via e-mail) the customer a form to fill out specificying what name (or combination of alphabet letters and/or numbers) the customer wants to have on the apron they want to buy?

Limit the number of characters to only the number of characters that will fit in one line -- below "In the Kitchen."

Offer them in a variety of solid colors -- primary, pastel. Maybe one made of plaid material. And one made of a floral patterned material.

When QVC receives that form back, the apron of the customer's color of choice is imprinted (or stitched) with the specified name (and/or numbers) below the already stitched letters that say "In the Kitchen."

I know it's do-able. It would be fun!! People can order more than one -- with, say, $3 off each additional on the same order. That kind of thing. A great "gift" idea, too.

Whaddya think, QVC?