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@Junebug54 wrote:

I wouldn't call it shaming... I'd call it not being honest... If  you can't close your jacket or our pants are skin tight they don't fit... Sugar coat it all you want...


I'm not sugar coating anything.  Obviously, people can see it's too small so they should size accordingly. IMO, there are real things to be concerned about and there are things not worth taking up space in my brain.

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Apparently this post took up place in your brain..


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@docsgirl  omg yes, that's my pet peeve - no one seems to know the definition of literally.   JT is the worst.    "....they are literally flying out of here".   really??  

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@spursfan2 wrote:
The only hosts I doubt are JT & SK. No way are they small or xs. And there is no shame in that. But 1 of them always says "I'm in an xs if thats helpful." Its not very helpful if its not true.

They wear an XS and the clothes are skin tight.  Jane in an XS?  Yeah, and I weigh 110 lbs!

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I wonder if sometimes the item the host has on is the only one available for them to wear and it might not be the size they would normally choose.  In that case, they should say what size they are wearing and that it's smaller/larger than their normal size.  I have heard some hosts do that, such as Caroline Gracie.


I agree with other posters that the garment measurement chart online is more helpful to me when determining the size I should order.  Sometimes knowing the model's height is helpful too.

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"TRUE" is the key word- Smiley Happy

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Shawn was modeling the Susan Graver "leather" pants and said she was wearing a size 4, but "I could fit into a size 2 comfortably, but I'm wearing a 4".   Jane Treacy also wearing a size XS and a Size 8 in pants perplexes me.  These ladies both have fine figures, IMO, so this isn't a bashing anout their weight or size....who am I to judge.  I just would like hosts to be honest......OR  the QVC sizing chart is quite different than others?

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Pam is the only truthful one and she's beautiful.  I don't understand why the host have to constantly change into everything presented.  It's very annoying to me, as they think they are divas in a small.

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@Jinlei  "Jane in an XS?  Yeah, and I weigh 110 lbs!"





Me too!

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