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@Squirrels Are Trash wrote:

@Commoner Exec Mr Wilkes 


"The excuses made for the host are quite amusing."


Host: "I have to go to get ready for midnight."


         "(Vendor) is in another place and I need to leave,"


         "My mic pack is "bad thing."


          "Time for my nap!"

Well considering JT had to get to another set for the kickoff of the TSV, I don't consider that an excuse. I saw the TSV presentation and had she stayed to finish the QVC2 show, she wouldn't have made it to the main Q set. Same for when I saw David do it.

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Some exits are legitimate. 


Many, many, many are not.


Smoke break.

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I have seen this happen before and with different hosts. It's normally when the TSV midnight presentation is coming up. 


No, big deal. The faux outrage is always amusing. 

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Unless you can read minds, you don't know what was discussed before the show began. Stop looking for offenses where there are none.

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They all do it in order to change & get to another set & they always say why they are leaving.
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I remember a while ago this happened to Susan Graver.  I believe it was Sandra who walked off and left Susan talking.  Susan did comment about it....