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@Spurt  You are so right!

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I agree I don't like to watch as much as I used to entirely for the reason that most of the newer hosts just irritate.  I am not going to mention any by name but I know QVC is going downhill becuase of their obnoxious behavior.  There are a couple newer ones I do like though.

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@Qfan79 wrote:

Not just hosts but vendors too.  The lady with Peace Love World needs too give up caffeine.  I just watched her present throws with Jayne and wow was she over the top.  I think she aggravated Jayne.

what about that long haired girl that sells Earth shoes think it is and she does that stupid leg in the air kicking like she's a cheer leader keep hoping she'll pull something.

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@sharkky, aww, that's not nice! Sally C. isn't so bad! I hope she never hurts herself with her high-kicking.
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Rick D has always been a channel changer for me. His presentational style (schtick) makes me anxious.