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Since this is the Suggestion Box, I thought I'd reach out to the Production Department in case they read this. The QVC sets are always beautiful, especially the holiday ones.


In the past week, they've seemed to have taken another page out of the subpar HSN Handbook with the gaudy pink-blue-and-red decorations. At first I thought it was just for a child-oriented segment with the odd color palette. But all the sets are the same. It went from high class holiday to tacky trimmings. Please bring back the old set designers. Or, if you're stuck on pastels, ask Valerie Parr Hill to draw up a blueprint. It seems everything with QVC is taking a tacky turn, following in HSN's path. 

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Re: Holiday Set Design

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I tuned in to the TSV, and yes I'm seeing pink and light blue.  They even have a pale pink bow on top of one of the trees.  Someone tell QVC it is not Easter.  




Just found out what Luminara is calling their pink candles:  Millennial Pink.  I guess it's clear why QVC has gone pink.  



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Have you seen Valerie Parr Hill's Christmas decorating shows recently?  She has a ton of pastel decor items.  Everything from pastel gingerbread houses, light blue, pink & green jingle bell garlands, pastel decor on the trees, etc.  Valerie said it's a "big trend right now."


I don't prefer it either, but don't expect the sets to totally get rid of all the pastels, or the beachy blues & greens, this season. 


Some like the pastels very much, so QVC is probably trying to give equal time to all different themes. Smiley Happy

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Re: Holiday Set Design

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My take is they start these "trends" to get us to buy something new.  We already have most things in traditional red and green.  I am not buying into it; when it comes to holiday decorating I am a traditionalist.  I feel the same way about "coastal decorating".  Saw blue pumpkins, etc.  I guess if you have a "coastal" home you will be spending time at its okay.

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I guess QVC is definitely big on trends.  Did somebody say, "rosegold"?!! I hear they even make Poo-Pouri in a rose gold bottle.

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I was just noticing that a couple nights ago, I have always loved the Christmas set designs on qvc, hs n has never even compared to qvc but not this year what has happened?  I realize it is a lot of work but it certainly helps me shop more when it's such a beautiful set, just everything from set design to taped hours to the endless showings of the same products everyday, all day.  I have seen the stamp set to roll over our addresses, etc enough and yet it will be in again today.  I feel like the mixture of items being shown this year are very small, and I have always depended on qvc to help me with my shipping because of where I live but it's a struggle this year.  Please every host can't have the same favorite things.