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Here's Something Everyone Can Use

Mods: I just saw an ad on TV for a new product called "Slime Pads". I think if QVC carried them you'd sell millions of them.
Its at the .com for slimepads
They're flexible devices that stick to flat surfaces without any adhesive or nails, and is shown holding phones, tablets, any small household item. Replaces awkward selfie sticks. Gets stuff up, off the countertops. Removeable, reuseable, leaves no residue.
I know you've carried something similar but with complaints. This sounds like an improvement over what Qs carried in the past.
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Re: Here's Something Everyone Can Use

@Hedge  I love things like that. and I've collected any number of them over the past few years because once I realized how easy they are to use, I seem to buy a new one almost every time I go to the local hardware store.  LOts of shapes and sizes are available.


I recommend them especially for those of use who are renters and want the walls and doors in excellent condition when we move out!

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Re: Here's Something Everyone Can Use


Thanks for the excellent suggestion! Will certainly get your request to our buyers. Merry Christmas!

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Re: Here's Something Everyone Can Use

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'See', QVC does listen!   Color-change gemstones (and perhaps simulated in the future), etc.  Lots of suggestions from posters that eventually have been offered.  Heart

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There are all kinds of similar things on Amazon. I bought some at a state fair in Utah. 

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Re: Here's Something Everyone Can Use

I had to look these up...LOL


I could use some of these!!

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Re: Here's Something Everyone Can Use

will it hold a in the way husband ?