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Good Morning Dan Hughes!

A couple of years ago I purchased 5 of the Halos for my family.  

I drive a F350- Ford Super Duty one ton dually diesel


My question if you can find out from the Halo host if someday they will consider a charger for my type of truck.  My girl has 2 batteries and the regular Halo doesn't have the ability to jump start it.  Or if I am doing something wrong , please let me know if I should be doing each battery in order to do the job.

Thank you for for any suggestions!

Been with QVC since 1986!!  You Dan are one of my favorite hosts!

Happy Thanksgiving  Weekend!


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Re: Halo Bolt AC/DC Car Charger

@bunnylou.  Neither hosts nor vendors participate or read these boards so it's highly unlikely Dan would ever see tour question.  Hosts have nothing to do with product development so it would probably be best to contact the manufacturer.

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Re: Halo Bolt AC/DC Car Charger

Phone: 1-888-999-HALO (4256)


I had a question and called CS at this number and they were very helpful. 

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Re: Halo Bolt AC/DC Car Charger

I would be happy if Kerstin would stop squealing and screeching over this device (and many others). It's very jarring and irritating when your trying to watch a presentation. 

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Re: Halo Bolt AC/DC Car Charger

@bunnylou Welcome to the forums.  Hope by calling the number another poster provided helped you gget the info you needed for this charger.  Also, maybe this company has a website with a Frequently Asked Questions section or an e-mail section.


Good luck and, again, welcome.