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HSN2 only on antenna channel

For the past week the only channel for HSN on my antenna signal is HSN 2. I was receiving the HSN tv signal before. Who do I contact to get the HSN tv signal?
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Re: HSN2 only on antenna channel

The shopping channels on antenna are absolutely goofy and unpredictable.  We had a gust if wind 2 weeks ago and QVC went off the air, just returning yesterday.  You never know if they'll be there or for how long, then they disappear and show up with a new channel number.


I solve the problem with Roku which also has them all and better quality picture.


I often wonder what the arrangement is for broadcasting these channels and the financial agreement.  I've thought about contacting the FCC and asking.  Never got around to it.


Consider Roku if you want dependability.

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