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Glitter-free options

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Would love to order several new Christmas items right now....but they all have glitter on them! For me, it ruins the entire item by making it look cheap and also I end up vacuuming it up all over the house long after Christmas is over,  since it scatters and falls off things so easily. Please offer some holiday decor items like small trees, wreaths, picks, and figurines without glitter. Valerie and Mr. Christmas items don't need everything with "sugar" on them! 

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my kids....and grandkids....always knew that glitter was never allowed!!!  now i have to deal with christmas cards that i receive...,i feel for glitter through the it up over the trash bin...and toss it....and i don't feel badly about it...i think it's irresponsible...just because the sender of the card likes glitter....doesn't mean the person receiving it feels the same way.....

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Someone advised me years ago to never allow anything with glitter into the house, saying I'd be vacuuming bits of glitter forever.

I still go with that wise advice.