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I honestly don't know if it would generate more viewers, but I agree QVC was fun back then. 

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I remember that game.  But if they started it again, it would not make me watch more.  There are too many negatives to watching that the possibility of winning $25 would not overcome.



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I totally agree with you on the FREE SHIPPING.  There are too many other sites out there that consistently offer free shipping.  I am so tired of the old 5 easy pays on everything.  They act like that is a BIG deal for you.  I am so over it.  I also agree that I like very few of the hosts now.  It is just not the same.



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@Karie2022   After MANY years of shopping the Q and HSN the thing that has caused me to stop shopping at either are the RETURN policies. 


They push this and that item with assurance that "if you don't like it, send it back"....BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.


That is especially true in the several months before Christmas.


I bought a LOT and had several items that simply didn't work out, one of which was defective.


The time and effort I had to go through to get my refunds were too lengthy to recount here, but suffice it to say, I'll stick with Amazon where it's so customer friendly and returns/refunds are a breeze. 


With everything going on in our lives, I really don't need to spend my hard-earned $$$ and be aggravated.

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Welcome to the forums @cjm61 .


After reading the initial replies, if so many aren't interested in a $25. credit, but would like to win a day of free shipping, maybe winning a choice between those two would do the trick. 

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I agree with photo jo. They need to lower their prices. That would get me to purchase more from them.

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Re: Get more QVC Viewers

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No, a retro game would not entice me to watch more or purchase items. They would have to retrain a majority of the hosts to change their presentations. All but a few are unwatchable. They need to get better quality items to sell.

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@cjm61 wrote:

I'm fairly new to the blog and forums with QVC. However, I have been a customer since 1986. I rarely contribute to these forums but find it entertaining with some useful info. I have read so many comments how people no longer actually watch QVC, they go online or just don't shop due to the hosts, the items, whatever. Here's my thoughts................


Years ago they had a game. There was a machine similar to lotto ball machines. Every couple hours they would draw new numbers through the chute. They did this in a 4 number sequence. If your QVC number had the first 4 numbers, or the last 4 numbers, you could call and they would give your account $25. Not only myself, but my entire family, cousins, aunts, etc. would watch all the time. You didn't have to actually see the numbers come up, they would put the 4 numbers on the description screen every few minutes. We had each others numbers and would watch to see if any of our numbers matched. We all actually won at some point. It definitely kept us all watching, and of course, ended up buying much more.


Don't you think people would watch more if they could win something? I miss it and think it would actually generate more sales than it would cost them. It really made it kind of fun to watch the hosts pull the numbers. Anybody else remember those days? Thoughts?

Yes, that was fun.  We won a few times as well.


I would love to see QVC do that again.   It would make me watch more.


My husband says I'm the most thrilled winner he knows.

Doesn't matter the $ amount.

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That's a great idea but I doubt QVC would even consider such a thing nowadays.

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I'm more interested in quality, price, and current products on the market. For example, I would never buy electronics from Q since they are old versions. I want clothes that fit, are natural fabrics, are decent quality, and are cost effective. 


As it is, the vast majority of what Q offers is less expensive elsewhere, usually with free shipping and returns. Why would I pay more at Q. 


For me, games are schtick, gimmicks.