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I think Gabrrielle is very fashionable and I would love to see a show filled with her fashion choices. There seems to be a missing go to fashion person since Lisa's departure. Shawn's style looks great but a little too trendy for me..... I enjoy Gabrielle's laid back fashionable yet practical style.

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I think that 's a great idea, variety is always a good thing.

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I don't see her nearly as often as some of the others.  I enjoy watching her.  She's so sweet and happy.  She does an excellent job.  I'd like to see her on air more often.

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I agree also. Gabrielle is very stylish, Shawn is hard looking.

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100 percent YES to this idea! I love Gabrielle's fashion sense because it is laid back while looking professional and nice. She's one of my favorite hosts and so deserving of her own show. Smiley Happy

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I saw her fill in on Inspired Style once and she did a great job. 

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Q definately needs a good fashion host since we lost Lisa.

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Gabrielle, does a,

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Count me in! I enjoy Gabrielle very much. She seems to understand her role as a presenter of the merchandise and not a talk show host.

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To me, it's long overdue I have commented myself that she should get mote airtime, her own shows etc.  I do wonder why others who have less seniority than her seem to get their own shows.  I agree with all the blogs on her. She has great style and her presentations are warm and professional.  I have wondered why as well that some other hosts who to me at least don't have the great fashion sense and style she has regulary host fashion shows.  I like her, Jayne Broẃn and Leah do know fashion.  QVC we your customers have been asking for more of her. She is one of the few I can watch a complete show with.