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I couldn't agree more -- she's a sweetheart. I hearted your posts and hope QVC keeps these opinions in mind. She is elegant without trying and so much like Mary Beth with her quiet, gentle, sincere ways.


Does anyone know if the burgundy top with lace trim that she was wearing today with the TSV is a QVC item? It looked like LOGO perhaps, but I haven't been able to find a match. 

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Many of us have enjoyed Gabrielle for a very long time and I think that QVC is aware of that.  She is one of the people who has kept her private life just that, private.  From what we know she has an extremely comfortable family life and enjoys her time with her beautiful very young children and her husband.  At this time in her life possibly she has chosen to limit her hours at the Q so that she can have more family time while her children are small.  She is still there.  We have all been watching her grow and develop her own style as a hostess.    Who knows what is happening between her and the higher powers at Q.   Hopefully in a few years we will see more of her during the day while her children are in school.    The hosts at QVC appear to have very unpredictable work hours, especially those who work nights and have daytime meetings.   

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I agree. She is very fashionable, and a great host. She also has a beautiful home, there were pics a while back on her blog, very stylish, yet comfy, cozy looking. She has great style!

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Gabrielle has such a calm, lovely style of presenting!  I especially enjoy her on Friday afternoons with Isaac. She asks great questions and gets Isaac talking about fashion and his amazing career........I think Isaac definitely needs a different host; Shawn has gotten too silly and she has no fashion style at all. The only outfit she seems to wear is that same black dress and those same black shoes.

The fashion hours would improve with a classy, beautifully dressed host: I vote for Gabby!