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A fews years back I bought an aluminum flagpole with an American  flag on QVC.  I have not seen it offered in recent years.  I think that there would be a ot of interest in this product and it would be a marvelous TSV.

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I bought that flag and pole but it didn't last long.  One day, the wind came up and it snapped in two pieces.  Maybe that's why it wasn't reordered.

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I bought a flag and flagpole twice from HSN.  They might still be offering it.  The nice part was that the pole could just be implanted into the ground without a cement base.  The bad part is that the flag is indeed cheap and doesn't last more than a year or so, depending on the weather.  Also, the hardware broke on the first one I bought.  The second one hasn't been up all that long, so status TBD.


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HSN offers it!  I love mine.  The pole has held up great and I'm now on my fourth year.  I've had to replace the flag which is normal after time.  Yes, definitely check out HSN they do have it!

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Is this a flagpole that needs a concrete base? Or does it fit in a bracket attached to the house?