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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can QVC put a stop to reviews posted by people that haven't purchased an item. Its misleading to potential buyers and very unfair to vendors. There's a negative review for the tsv and turns out the poster didn't even buy the pajamas. Their 1 star review will bring the rating of the pajamas down and thats really not fair.
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Totally agree with this statement....shipping problems have nothing to do with the item...also complaints about...."it doesn't come in their size".....or color preference...I've also seen comments about how the item was or wasn't presented....

I'm not saying these are not legitimate complaints.... but they are not reviewing the item..which is what customer reviews should be about....


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  You're right, it's unfair. And I see it all the time. Negative reviews posted by people who don't have/use/wear the product they're "reviewing".


Or they bought something in this brand once, years ago...didn't like it and keep on negatively reviewing the company that produced it.


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I have never understood why QVC would post a review by someone who has never purchased the product. It makes absolutely no sense. And why would anyone write a review for something they've never purchased or tried?  Were they bored that day and decided, I think I'll write some bogus reviews. I know I would never do that. Time for people to start using some common sense.

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I think Amazon has verified purchase next to those reviews by people who did purchase. Other reviews should be taken down.
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I am surprised there are any "Customer Top Rated" items anymore....


Complaints about things that have nothing t do with the item are all over..

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@spursfan2  I second this comment!  But this isn't just about negative reviews.  I went to the comments for one of David Venable's cookbooks, and it was FILLED with his groupies who didn't have the book but who were celebrating that he had put a new one out!  It totally skewed the legitimate reviews by people who actually received the book and tried the recipes.  I corresponded with QVC about it, but my comments were never acknowledged.  QVC knows it's happening, and my conclusion is they choose not to do anything about it.

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I'm surprised they let these slip through but Amazon does the same. I just bought a housewares item and thought it was beautiful. The reviews were bad but, when I read them, the stars were low because people had ordered but never received the item! I read reviews but try to read between the lines. I look at the highest reviews first, then the lowest and make up my mind whether I want to take a chance or not.

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The algorithm used for reviews checks for certain words, not necessarily content. They aren't reviewed by humans.


We can't control other people. I just ignore the reviews that aren't about the product.  It is what it is. Life goes on. 

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I agree.


There are 58 reviews for David's latest cookbook, but none


have even received the book.