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We've ordered a few items from some of the food shows. They were delivered properly and tasted good. Husband usually gets hooked on the food shows when he sees me watching.

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I generally purchase the apples for the holiday season and the pre-made cookie dough from David's when it is at a one time only type value.  Those are the only food items I purchase.  I could find many of the other items at my local grocery store or Costco.  Both stores are on the larger side.  I've purchased the Mrs. Prindable's  chocolate covered pretzels for $13.99 for 24 pieces.  Juniors cheesecakes are generally $15.  Tins of David's cookies are $10.  They sell a healthy egg white based  crustless quiche for $12.99 for 20.  The thin Moravian cookies are $2 or $3 a box when I shop locally.  The Roar electrolyte drinks are less expensive and usually have a $1  coupon  off per bottle or BOGO. 

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@debmmm wrote:

I think we should buy from  our local businesses. It is not a statement on what you do with your money



Buying from a US based company also helps a LOT of workers earn a wage in MANY states.

It doesn't just have to be in my town. 

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@debmmm wrote:

Ok, I am tired of all the food shows.  The prices are absolutely through the roof and I don't care if it is on easy pay.  I bought cookies last Christmas from the Cheryl's brand and they were all broken and a real mess.  Prime rib on TV, don't think so.  When I look at reviews they are not very favorable.  I say we do our best to shop our local grocers and local butchers when possible.  I know there are supply chain issues but we need to really help our local businesses.  QVC you need to scale down the food shows, all Rachel does is yell about the food and interrupt everyone that is talking.  Alberti is just as bad.  No need to "YELL" to get the customers attention.  

        I agree.  I stopped watching any of the food presentations not only because of the costs but as many have commented elsewhere I especially don't care for having two hosts do the presentations with the exception of Pat and Jayne B.

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Agree with you @debmmm .  QVC's food pricing is outrageous and not warranted.  Especially the seafood.  I can get better, fresher, much less expensive items locally. Even going out to dinner, I get better prices than the Q.

I have tried food products from the Q years ago when they were on sale.  So disappointed with the taste and quality. Have tried the croissants, pot stickers, Mrs.P's apples and Cheryl's cookies.   The pot stickers were lackluster in taste and little filling. A couple did not have any filling at all!  The croissants, well I can get the same quality at our local BJ's.  Cheryl's cookies wayyyy to sweet and crumbly.  Mrs. P's were great at first. Ordered them for a few years, but then they too started to go down in quality.  Guess that happens in mass produced food.

I no longer order food from QVC. I do watch DV's food shows. He is the only one I can watch doing food.  The others are just ----, so i don't watch them.

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The only time I buy any kind of food from QVC is at Christmas when they have those wonderful, delicious cookies (I can't remember the brand) and send them to my son and his family.

Yes they're pricey but it's a once-a-year treat and it won't break the bank.

On the other hand, some of the horror stories I've heard about buying food from QVC (remember the "cra*  cakes" from years ago?) has permanently put me off buying anything else.

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I totally agree that their food shows are A in excess and B way too expensive for the average consumer! I’m also sick of the OVER exaggerating when the hosts are trying something. Give me a break! I’ve had a few of their items and they taste like any other good baker or whatever in the area! And a meatball in a cup?? Really??? That has to take it as the dumbest idea ever invented! Especially as a gift which David suggested! Good grief!! I have ordered boatloads of things from QVC but I can honestly say lately I watch them very little because of pricing and programming which for the last year have gone considerably down hill! Just my opinion and I call it as I see it! Or lately not seeing it!!
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Ive bought a few food items, and been disappointed with most of them.  The cost for their food now is outrageous.  A couple of days ago I saw 2 pies advertised, 1 apple, 1 cherry, the cost $70.00  This is ridiculous.  Ive been unable to walk for months, so thought I could stock up my fridge, but I won't be ordering anything more.  

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lots of food options on the internet


not all will meet your needs, yet they will meet others needs


find what you like


buy it and enjoy!


~~who/what is responsible for your joy? YOU!~~
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While one may feel meatballs in a cup is dumb someone else will think it's a brilliant idea for an elderly person living alone. A welcome gift to send to someone who doesn't or can't cook anymore. For someone looking for an option other than a Stouffers dinner. Some food items fill a niche for certain people. 

Not everything has to be for all people. Thank goodness there is so much variety available. I'm familiar enough with QVC's schedule that I know what days to avoid viewing or checking online so I don't subject myself items and programming of no interest. 

Well I guess I could watch those show and find fault with the host, find fault with the vendor, find fault with the products, find fault with the prices. I could nit pick and complain, make sport out of it. But then what type of person would that make me?

We all look at things through our own lenses. We all have our own priorities. I question some of the products others rave and go on and on about. How many people wonder why someone would spend so much money on a shampoo? Or on trendy clothes out of date after one season? Or a high priced electronic? But some take joy in these things and it would be ungracious to disparage anyone's decisions, or taste, or purchases,