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They need to state that up front and not as an after thought when they present product. Not everyone buys from them online, like QVC I bet most of their customers are seniors and don't live on their computers.

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@Carol Diane wrote:

Twocent, I do not have an Evine card and they often offer 15% or 20% off on purchases, even "This day only" items. I find them to be very generous with their coupon codes. I seem to be buying more and more there, especially their beautiful jewelry.

Good to know but had no idea since I only use the Evine Card to shop there.   Over my "obsession" with jewelry but certainly did my share of damage there in the past. lol

I do appreciate any coupons /shipping offers given anytime /anywhere!Woman LOL


Enjoy your day!

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Last weekend they were offering 2 different discounts.  One was a percentage off no matter your method of payment and one was free s/h over X amount with an Evine card only.


I have an Evine card and it's nice that they offer some deals exclusive to card holders.  It's no different then some of the 30% off codes offered to Kohls charge holders only.  Evine used to regularly offer free s/h to card holders but they haven't done that all year.   


I used to have an HSN card because there were certain perks.  Now about the only perk they have is an extra flex with their card so I wasn't interested anymore and closed it.      

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I love Evine. Beautiful jewlery and good prices and specials. No yelling hosts there.