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Evine - deceiving offer

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Watching the Beekman show tonight and the host keeps stating that your order of Beekman products over $75 will give you a 20% discount. 


So I go to the website to place an order, and you can only get the discount if you are using a Evine credit card.  Seriously....I called customer service to tell them that the host is not stating anything about having to use their Evine card to get the discount so she is misleading.  


As I hear my TV in the other room, she continues to not explain about having to use their card to get the offer. 


Very the very least the customer service person on the phone should have honored what their host is stating.

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I agree, that's bogus.

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Does Evine have a forum on which to post this complaint? I don’t think QVC can be much help here.

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It's right on the top of the page on their site.  20% off Beekman of Beekman orders of $75+ with Evine card.

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@SurferWife wrote:

Does Evine have a forum on which to post this complaint? I don’t think QVC can be much help here.

Maybe she’s just trying to warn us. Some of us shop on other shopping channels. 

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Evine doesn't have forums. I would post a comment on their main Facebook page. 

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I may be wrong, as I am just use to using only my Evine card to make purchases there, but I don't know of them ever making such an offer without it being tied to the Evine card.

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At least they are offering a discount. Have you ever had a discount coupon for QVC?

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Twocent, I do not have an Evine card and they often offer 15% or 20% off on purchases, even "This day only" items. I find them to be very generous with their coupon codes. I seem to be buying more and more there, especially their beautiful jewelry.

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There is no deception here.  It's right on their front page.  If you don't read it that's your problem.  Evine has many discounts and advertises them in an honest way. QVC and HSN have special offers on their home pages as well.  We just have to read them.