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I watched your channel for a couple Christmas times and in July and you neverever have any African american santas, snowman or angels. All I have ever seen was some lizzie dolls that every little girl and store I have been have never heard of and ugly cabbage patch dolls. During the 21st century I find this to be discriminatory. I know their is a need not only for African Americans, but Hispanics and Asians. I know there are customers that want this because whenever I go to a fair they are always snatched up. I also want to be clear that we speak of the American version of us and not always the version of people of Africa, we want to see us as Americans. Some friends of mine who are avid watchers of your station say that your station has gone down since you dont sale gold anymore without throwing gemstones that people dont want. Well people want decorations for their homes that represents themselves. When I grew up My santa and angel were always of color and now I go to Macys and get them.

Also it is also so offensive with most of your make up lines that stop at tan and deep. Have you makup buyer go into Philadelphia and make a tic under a shade of very golden brown to dark brown and you tell your CEO if you are representing people of color and that means African American, Hispanics, and Asians. You even have more people of shades of color that cant wear your makeup. And we dont wear all that pink lipstick or blush I dont care how you push it.

I shop online at HSN because they have such a variety of new products since they also realized gold was too expensive and was happy to find scrap bookking and they also have a lot of stars products on their station and new products(people are sick of you selling computers and tvs). I wouldnt watch them on tv because their host get on my nerves but online, everything is on easypay and you can pick the easypay. I suggest you look to the minorities we have the money to spend. And get off the Italian thing, I have been there had a great time, but they do not dress up like you say or wear all this gold jewelry, and I have been to several parts, so stop giving a false picture. And we are Americans and proud of it so why are you trying to make us into Italians, they have less money than we do.