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Electric warming throw with removable cover

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I'd like to see an electric warming throw with a sheared plush removable and washable cover.  Maybe with a zipper or velcro closure.    ( I know that most electric blankets/throws are completely washable, but I'd feel more comfortable if I could remove only the cover once a week and throw it into the washer and dryer without having to worry about over-doing  washing and drying the main electrical warming wires, etc. )

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Re: Electric warming throw with removable cover

Now THIS is is good idea. I've had those "washable" warming throws and I've never been pleased with the way they come out of the wash. @ROMARY 1 , I wish you could make big bucks from this idea because it sure beats the pants off many of the gadgets and widgets that I see sold, especially at the Holidays!!



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