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Danim & Co and Quacker Factory has had the Best selection of stretch denim, boot cut jeans with a full elastic waist. What's happened to them. I can't find anything but skinny leg jeans, leggings, or jeggins, which make a large person look awful! Please bring them back!!! You could find cute ones with embroidery on the leg. They were so fashionable and such a great fit for a plus size woman!

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@NorthDakota I know this is late in coming, but I was as Soft Surroundings today and they had tencil jeans with about a 1 1/2 inch elastic wasit.  They looked scrumptious!Smiley Happy

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Quacker always has pull on capris, slacks, shorts


I'm a 'L' and want the straight leg none of that Gumby boot or wide leg



Denim and Co also carry the pull on waist. I don't want men pants with the zippers, buttons, you have to pull around your gut don't want belt loops either . just step in and go.

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@SharkE @ECBG ........this OP is from 2011.

Saving time & trouble. If I offend you, I am sorry.
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If they would delete these 100 yr old posts we wouldn't be looking like fools

Galls me

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Re: Elastic Waist Jeans

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talk about cleaning out your cache of history and cookies. I think that's why they have so much trouble with their website. it's clogged up with old threads and all those pictures in other forums like couple of million of pictures. I'd cut that off.

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