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Angel, please bring back the boot cut 5 pocket Dream Jeannes. The pull on jeans don,t fit the same way and are not flattering. 😊 

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I second that!!  I love the zipper.

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During one of the shows where that style first went on clearance, Angel said that QF was coming out with a new version of the 5-pocket zipper style bootcut early in 2019. I’m looking forward to it as I like that style better and also prefer numeric sizing.

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Re: Dream Jeanne's 5 pocket

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I agree - I want the zipper back!  The pull on ones do not compare in fit.  I do like the Denium & Company pull on boot cut jeans (they fit much better) but I don't like them for work.  The zipper looks better when you have to have your top tucked in at work but really the original Dream Jeans were so great in both fit and look.  Pleas bring them back.  They were top sellers forever so I have no idea why you would discontinue them.  If they don't come back I'll have to go elsewhere for pants I guess.

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This post made me so happy !!

I live for these jeannes 

its early 2019, I’m waiting....



Jeanne in Heaven

we are waiting.....