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Please, please bring back the Denim & Co. original waist, boot cut leggings!!!!

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I second that!  I have a heavy calf and need the boot cut.  The straight leg just doesn't look as good on me. 

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Re: Denim & Co.

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While we're at it, I wish they'd bring back the original leggings without pockets that were before the original waist side pocket pants.  Pockets are a great option but those talls of the original leggings and that weight of twill/denim or whatever it is.....those were da bomb.  I'm still wearing a pair that's a couple of sizes too big because I lost weight.  Have several pairs with pockets, but would buy lots more ff they'd bring back the original.


and yes, I know someone will say Gary doesn't read this forum and to try Facebook but I'm not on Facebook and don't want to be --

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Re: Denim & Co.

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I wish they would bring back the original pricing. Because the prices now are too expensive for what this casual line is. JMHO.

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I would like to see the return of the Modern Waist Bootcut Jeans with 98% cotton and 2% spandex.  Those jeans were perfect.

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I AGREE!!. Prices have gotten way out of hand. 10 to 15 dollars more. 75.00 for a boring cardigan and almost 40.00 fort shirts?!

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And then the host usually suggests picking up a second pair just because. 

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Re: Denim & Co.

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I just saw a cute french terry "sweatshirt" for $52.00. No way am I QVC needs a reality check!

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Yikes, 52.00 for a sweatshirt??? What has happened with Denim and Company????
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@hooked on books Hey they just want to be up there on the high fashion list lol O LOL again.Smiley LOL