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Please get Denim & Co. to remove the scratchy labels from their clothes.  I love that line and the clothes are comfortable except for the labels.  They are hard or almost impossible to remove and I have ruined clothes trying to cut them out.  If you have to have labels either print them like other companies do or put in removable stick on labels. 

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I have many d&c tops where the label info is printed where the label would go.  I just looked at the last three purchases and there are no sewed in labels.  Not sure of the discrepancy.  I thought the line had transitioned.

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Isaac M has the nicest label on his tops - - a flower or some spinning circle.  I've only purchased a couple of his tops so not sure if that's standard for him.  But no scratch - no cutting and it's pretty.

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I agree.  If they insist in putting labels in tops and jackets, at least they can use non itchy ones. I know non itchy ones exist. Ask Landsend.  

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Men's underwear just has inked labels that wash out eventually.

Most clothes from the Mall and Q I have to put on my glasses and

really hold the label out and away from the material and cut leaving a 

little edge, gets rid of the wgt of the label , then, hack at the corners of the remaining label to get it down to where it won't irritate my neck.


Usually about 3 labels per item.    sigh...........

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I totally agree about the labels.  I have to cut mine off, because they are so scratchy.  I ruined a blouse recently, because I accidentally cut through the fabric, and left a big hole.

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I hate the labels sewn on the side seam. I remove them carefully.

The majority of my D&C tops have the stamped neck label; But they are not sheer fabrics. I have seen some tops, especially light colors, where the stamped neck label is visible. That’s not a good look either.

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I don't see where they couldn't just hand tac those labels so they could easily be removed. I don't know how many CH pjs I have ruined trying to remove the label.

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Just got my order yesterday, 13 Jan 18;  3 tops and 2 pants, all loaded with labels.  Ruined one top and cut a hole into it trying to remove the stupid labels.  I am still furious.  For a little while the labels were gone.  Now there are more than ever.

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I don't know why manufacturers can't use the same material for the tag that they use for the garment.