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Please offer Denim & Co. vests individually.  Recently, they are always offered in sets ... vest/pants or vest/top.  Now I don't necessarily want the other piece and it drives the price way up, so I don't order them.  BUT, I LOVE VESTS!  So, please offer them as separates.  

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Thank you for your feedback and I will advise Denim & Co (Gary) of your request!  Thanks for shopping with us...Beth QVC

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And vests with BUTTONS and not with stand up collars that cut into  your neck and are uncomfortable........v neck or shawl collars...................

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@kelsey17 I'm with you! A vest collar often cuts into my neck and it's too much bulk with turtle and mock neck tops. Ladies with nice long necks are lucky. If one's neck has gotten thicker with age it's nice to have a choice that doesn't push up the skin to a double chin look. And I can add necklaces or use a scarf without feeling strangled. Lots of reasons why I like a vest without a collar. And yes, please offer as a stand-alone piece as many women need different size bottoms from their tops.


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quilted and puffy vests for wearing with a top for indoor use defeats the purpose of having a vest.  A vest reduces the look of being busty for some women who want a little topper when the t-top might be tighter than it should be.  How about a light weight vest either a V-neck or a flat collar. Stand up collars are miserable and most of your vest are standup collars and quilted. I recently found a light weight vertical narrow chanel quilt cotton type vest that was substantial enough and yet provided a topper effect. It was a retro but it's wonderful for purpose stated. I am quite sure I know what the ladies who wear vests are looking for.  Its not about staying warm, its about cover. Summer vests are great. Forget the irregular drippy hang off the side hems. Just normal styles like Denim & Co does so well. If Denim & Co. ever leaves QVC, I'm out of here. I love it when Gary is the presenter, he has a fantastic manner.

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I agree  the collars on these vests are to long .. I got  a vest recently and the collar was tooWoman Mad long it went up to my cheeks not a good look. The collars should lie down like a jacket collar would. I agree very nice vest but, the collar is annoying.