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Delivery by 12/24 - YEAH SURE! Oh, and make sure to send confirmation to me about my present.

First, I just found out that although the Q stated delivery was to be by 12/24 if ordered by a certain date, you need to read the fine print (unlike 2 other shopping channels that do what they say they will do). I have two presents that are now expected to arrive by 12/29, and they were ordered before the last cut-off date too. One of them was ordered simply because I had placed an order on eBay for the same item but then realized it would not arrive on time.

Second, my husband took the time to call the Q to order something he knew I would like to receive - a Barbara Bixby item. He used his credit card, his name, and even attempted to get his own account number, which they would not do for some obscure reason. Then they sent the confirmation for the order to me at my email address. Go figure! What's that about. Who is answering the phones? Who works there? When I called just now to find out about my orders, hoping it was a mistake, I was treated somewhat curtly by customer service - no apologies, no nothing. I was told to simply refuse shipment and that way I wouldn't have to pay for a return. Okay, I am ranting, but I do not understand why other companies can do what they state and this one cannot. Off to the mall to purchase the item for the third time - oh goody.