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Re: Darker Shades for Bareminerals Deluxe/Special Edition Products

I believe Gonzalez is Jacque's maiden name, I thought she mentioned one time that she was 1/2 Hispanic....I also knew that Gabrielle was hispanic....I also did notice that BE does not offer their deeper shades when they have deluxe/specials. I agree though please also post this on their facebook page-it will definitely be seen there.......

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Re: Darker Shades for Bareminerals Deluxe/Special Edition Products

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I'm saddened that this STILL hasn't been addressed and this is 2016.  I found out that our darker shades are available at Ulta at full price. I contacted Bare Minerals and was told they had an abundance of foundation in the lighter shades.  That's not acceptable to me.  When Leslie was CEO we didn't have that problem.  It also saddens me that QVC continually alows this to occur.  I find the same issue with shades being offered for TSV.  We only get two.  I am so disappointed in Laura Gellar, Mally, IT, and Bare Minerals saying, "These work on all skin tones and are very forgiving."  They would not use medium for a porcelain complextion.  I have decided to longer purchase anything from these brands.

You're right, after all the strides we've taken as a society, nothing's changed.  The very woman who made some of these companies can't wear what they produce.  Neither can the first lady.  


Did you know that QVC once broadcast programs for Cover Fx cosmetics?  I vaguely remember seeing one of the shows and not being in the least impressed.  The ladies of this forum alerted us to a Cover Fx show on Evine.  Lo and Behold they make foumdation in 40 plus shades, including hues of pink/red, neutral and golden from the palest porcelain to ebony with red undertones. But while on Q they were limited to the same few pitiful shades, none of which could ever suit me or Lady O or Jayne or Ade or......... Then I remembered that they once said GoodBye to  Iman, International , Models Prefer, and now they hide away Bobbi Brown


Back on target, The BE foundation offered last in deep shades was a major disappointment.  the one I ordered, walnut I think, looked like road crust, green/grey!  So, disappointed once again, so what's new, I resolved never to buy another BE/BM product, not ever again.  But, history suggests that the limited selection was calculated.  Maybe I'll internalize the experience and turn against the company not the network, which is where I was headed.  


Q has had two hosts who were men of color over the years.  two.  They've had four women of color.  They've had a handfull of companies that would draw this audience and all but two have been sent packing.  hmmmmmmmm 30 years  Does anyone think they are concerned that some of us perceive the exclusion?



Have they ever had even one Hispanic host?   

yes, Jacquie Gonzalez. and Gabrielle Kerr formerly known as Gabrielle Abiera.



Didn't know that  .... I thought Jacquie's husband was Hispanic.  Hmm.

Gonzalez is her maiden name.