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Colors swatches and videos missing on “recently on air”

Color swatches and fashion videos are missing in "recently on air". It would be great if QVC could expand their tech/production team so that we could shop online after the live presentations.  It seems that team isn't keeping up.I can't sit and watch live TV all day on fashion days. But I'd love to be able to review everything that's been on...if only I could! I know fashion is an important division of QVC so it would be worth the investment. 

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Re: Colors swatches and videos missing on “recently on air”

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I will say I'm getting really bugged by their "Image is Coming" blabla.


Just like first thing out of the gate today's AM Style with Leah showing those too cute Clark's sandals. If you missed Leah showing them, you're not seeing them yet online because why?


Image is coming. Really????? No one is buying anything if WE CAN'T SEE WHAY WE'RE SPENDING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ON!!


This is really getting annoying. I know others agree too.