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Re: Christmas in July

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No issues with CIJ per se - the concept is fine with me. I'm certainly one who prefers their spending spread out as much as possible throughout the year.


BUT - the exact same items being sold *every* CIJ/Xmas for the past 6+ years, and the everyday items that QVC already over-promotes on a weekly basis like Dyson, Temptations, etc. being dumped into a Christmas gift show are a real turn-off. If you haven't got something new to sell, then cut back the number of hours of CIJ-specific or Xmas season programming.  People stop watching at all because they're well aware they're not going to see anything new.


And re the food offerings - I know that QVC and the vendors set the ship date as 12/7 to avoid people being angry when it doesn't arrive in time due to weather, etc. but that's just too early for foods that will go stale that you want to give as Xmas gifts. Not everyone has a huge freezer they can stuff all their edible gifts into for 2 weeks.  12/12-12/15 would be much better.

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bliss lights, poop perfume, vionics, Dooney, quack, Gigli,temptations are not my idea of Xmas. Enough.