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QVC, did I miss something?  I've been tuning in off and on today (Christmas Day) to see the annual parade, that you host/sponsor, and I've yet to see it.  Am I missing it due to bad timing on my part or is it not on this year?  I look forward to seeng this parade each year.  Happy holidays anyway.  And by the way Courtney Cason overload on the holiday programming.

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I was wondering the same thing...........always enjoyed the hometown pride feeling.  Can't believe the parade didn't happen this year..........perhaps the Q budget $$ caused the showing to be eliminated.

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I'm missing the parade as well.

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They had the parade on December 6th.  You can see highlights on YouTube. I guess they just decided not to film it and show it this year.  Dan and Carolyn were the Masters of Ceremony as usual according to the parade's website.

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I kept looking for it too and never found it.  Such a disappointment.  Their holiday programming this year was AWFUL


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I agree - the Christmas programming was awful.   I missed seeing the parade.and some of the cute segments by some of the hosts.  The 'beauty quest' from Courtney was strange and not at all Christmas-y.  Certainly did not belong as part of holiday programming.

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Yes I think even Carolyn mentioned she was going to be there. Maybe TPTB figured the young’uns would not appreciate it.