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I received my order of chicken bites today, there was no dry ice, the chicken was completely thawed. Had to throw out. Will l get a refund ?

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@Belleey That's gross. I've seen quite a few posts like this in the last couple of months.


Best thing to do is email:


Give all your info: account number, order number and the problem.


Hope you get a resolution!

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Thank you for the information, l certainly will follow up.


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That has happened to me several times.


I just call customer service and they notify the company and they resend whatever it is.


I've never had any trouble getting it resent.


QVC is (was) very good about that.  However, there have been so many changes who knows what they'll do now.

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I have suspended all frozen food deliveries for the summer. Between the temperature outside and the time sitting in a UPS truck and possibly on my doorstep, even dry ice doesn't stand a chance. 

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I am sorry that your chicken bites arrived thawed. I have refunded you $16.66 and cancelled all future easy pays.

Beth QVC

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Thank you for your follow-up and action. Greatly appreciated.