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I love Carolyn Gracie....she knows her stuff, she gets right to the point. She is a total professional.  I'd love to see more of her as well, but she is in her 60's now, so perhaps she wants to be home in the evenings.  As we get older, our stamina suffers a bit.  She is more than likely at her best early in the mornings.  I also want to thank her for the show she did, that I was watching, where she spoke of Pawley's Island in SC.  I would never have known about what a beautiful place it is to vacation, had it not been for her.  Because of her, I am planning to fly out there in May of 2020!!  Thankyou Carolyn!!

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She is one of the few that I can tolerate.

She has a well modulated voice.

Knows the product

Shows how it is made, how it fits, gives important information.

No shouting, dancing, twirking, or giggling.

She is just what I need to encourage me to buy.


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My immediate click off is Patty Cramer from Lock and Lock. 

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IMHO, Carolyn is the best of QVC.  She ought to be the host mentoring new employees.  She can be bossy but that's because she knows how things should be done.

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I love Carolyn and wish she were on more. She and Dan Hughes were great together.  I hate that anyone makes negative remarks about any of the hosts . We all have our favorites. Negative remarks are not necessary. 

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I would like seeing someone else at night besides Shawn, frankly I am tired of her being on all night long, but that's just me. I am sure others love watching her hour after hour every day
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Re: Carolyn Gracie

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@summergal1 wrote:
Please let Carolyn Gracie host more shows in the evening. Great personality. She informs and knows what see speaks of. So tired of the evening circus every night. ❤️

@summergal1  I am in total agreement....Carolyn is as professional as they come with a great antics, no dramatics, no foolish shticks, no foolish giggling, she is informative and does the job in the manner to my liking and I enjoy her programs and enjoy her with Dan....

  Today I had to turn off ITKWD due to the incessant giggling of some vendors like Patty Kramer with L&L which was truly obnoxious; then had to turn off Dooney & Bourke on Q2, again for the incessant silly giggling of Gabriella, just obnoxious.   Why the foolishness, it is indeed like a silly circus with some hosts and vendors!

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@skylark wrote:

I like Carolyn,she's a good saleswoman. A pro.  No funky glasses or talking at warp speed while admiring herself in the camera. She acts mature not trying to be a middle aged hipster.

Everybody has their own favorite hosts and that's good.

@skylark  Well said, you are right on the mark and I, too, like her style!

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@Retired 08 wrote:


@summergal1 wrote:
Please let Carolyn Gracie host more shows in the evening. Great personality. She informs and knows what see speaks of. So tired of the evening circus every night. ❤️

@summergal1   I agree!  I like Carolyn and she is one of the few hosts that I take the time to watch if she is presenting something I'm interested in.  

I like that she models the D & C clothing.  Not everyone is a size xxs in Spanx leggings.  I am soooo sick of hearing the hosts say "I'm in the XXS" !!  Really?? Does anyone care?? If so, I'm in the minority on that one.  

I like her voice and her "in charge" persona.  I do not care for the pajama parties and running all over the set in stilletos talking 90 miles an hour, or just talking nonesense.  

If and when I watch QVC it is to shop.  I want the information on the product and I want to see it up close.  I don't care what the hosts do every night after work or what they wear to do it in.


I'm probably in the minority again, but if I want to be entertained, I'll watch a real TV program.  

@Retired 08  I had to smile when I read your comment, same thoughts I have. If so, I'll join you in the minority... Everything you said is the same opinion I have and I get very tired of seeing jeans, tights with  high-heels/stilletos ...boring and unrealistic, I do not see that in public where I live!  Carolyn is a favorite of mine for all the reasons you mentioned...

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@blackhole99 wrote:

@jeffie24 wrote:

On the D&Co. shows she wants to model every item, insisting that someone run and get her size.  There is a reason they have models!!

CG wants to model the clothes because she thinks her fans will buy because she is wearing them. I don't know if they do or not, I'm not a fan and never buy anything when she's hosting.

@blackhole99  In all the years I have been watching QVC shows, I notice all the hosts are wearing the clothing of the shows in which they are presenting doubt this also applies to Carolyn.