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My wife and I regularly watch ITKWD and are always intrigued by the many delicious food offerings that are presented. Unfortunately, we very rarely pull the trigger on ordering, as the products are often of a quantity and price point that are simply too high to commit to a product we have never tried and can’t be sure we’ll enjoy.

Have you considered offering sample boxes? You could theme the boxes like Customer Top Rated, Seasonal, New/Up & Coming Flavors, Bake Shoppe, Freezer Fillers… the possibilities are endless!

We would happily pay a premium price to be able to sample new foods and find new favorites to reorder in full/standard quantities. (Plus a sample box would make a GREAT gift to introduce friends and loved ones to the variety and excitement of QVC!)

Just a thought, but I sure think it would be successful!
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This has often been suggested before, however, I see a ton of logistical problems as well as financial, since all products are made by different companies at different locations.  Nothing is stored in any central warehouse. 

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Understandable, and I appreciate your opinion/assessment! I’m confident, however, that a company able to handle procurement, coordination, and distribution at the level at which QVC operates could certainly find a way to make something like that happen, if they wanted to.
The fact that it’s often been suggested means that there might be a market there worth considering the investment! Of course, the fact that they’re not already offering sample boxes might mean that it HAS been considered and discarded… *shrug* It was just an idea/suggestion that we wanted to share!
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Not possible.