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Bring Back the Denim & Co Twill Fabric Bootcuts

Please, please, please bring back the Denim & Company woven twill cotton/spandex fabric in the bootcut leggings/pant style -- petite.  This fabric has such a nice "classic" finish to it.  It can be worn all season, looks crisp when ironed, "goes with" everything, is lightweight, stretches.

Now, every brand is pushing knit fabric -- which looks casual, is sometimes heavy and lacks that polished finish to the fabric and they can be hot.. 

Plus the Denim & Co bootcut leggings had no pockets ... which I love ... no bulk, no bunching, no saggy looking backside because the pockets are set too low for petites ...  sooo, please consider bringing back the twill + bootcut no pockets + petite length.