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So disappointed that the Comfort Tee Shirt bra is discontinued.  Most comfortable bra I've ever owned and now I can't get any more.

Why do best sellers disappear?

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Have you read the reviews?  I'm not sure which one you refer too (underwire or not) but the Comfort Tee Shirt bras are not best sellers.  3 out of 5 stars.

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@mascot    This is typical of Breezes.  As soon as you find something you like, they discontinue it.  I guess they figure it keep customers constantly buying new stuff trying to find items that work for them. 

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Check Ebay.  I have two sellers I buy from consistently with nary a problem in many, many years.  Once I embrace a style I start checking Ebay for customer returns.  Since QVC won't ship returns they sell them off to Ebayers.  And the price is usually less than half.  I don't think I can give names.  

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WE need BOY shorts PLEASE! not everyone is comfortable in bikinies and thongs!!                  

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Breezie, please, please add size 46B to your sizing.  Not everyone is a C cup.  Love your bras, but they need to fit correctly.


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same here they get a good sellar then they quitCat Mad