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Bra for breast cancer survivors

As a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy and reconstuctive surgery, I so miss wearing pretty bras.  You may say, well I don't understand, why can't you wear a bra. Well, event though I have C cup implants, a bra does not stay in place because there is nothing to hold it in place.  Specifically, the bra rides up to the top of the implant, literally and hangs out around my neck. No kidding. I am limited to a silk camisole or no chest cover at all.  I miss feeling pretty and desirable in a bra.


I am hoping one of your fabulous vendors can make a bra for ladies like me, or, bring on a vendor that provides options for breast cancer survivors.  There are no options for us out there.


I am very willing to be part of the solutions.  Thank you so much for this forum.

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Re: Bra for breast cancer survivors

Bless you........I've seen ads for special undergarments for this.  Check Google - but it would be best to be fitted by a store or person knowledgeable about special needs.

Don't give up...........ask your medical team if they can help to locate a source

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Re: Bra for breast cancer survivors

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In my area there are shops that specialize in mastectomy bras. I know you have had implants, but they just may have an answer  I would try visiting one of those if you have one in your area and share your concerns.  The ladies have always been kind and may have suggestions that could help. 

You could also call the reconstructive surgeons office and ask for suggestions.

Another possibility is calling the American Cancer Society.  

And remember, it really doesn't matter what you are wearing, you are beautiful!  And you are a successful warrior.  

I know from experience you have been down a tough road.  But you have prevailed.

I hope you find your solution soon.

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Re: Bra for breast cancer survivors

I also had a double mastectomy but with diep flap reconstruction, not implants. I've found Soma bralettes to work for me. They're sized small, medium, large etc. They probably aren't the "pretty" bras you seek out, but they are very comfortable. You can check them out. Good luck finding something that works for you!

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Re: Bra for breast cancer survivors

@Kim Emmaus PA I have a similar problem.


I had breast cancer but only had a single mastectomy. So one side is a B cup implant and the other side was a C cup. I did not want to go through the reconstructive surgery.


When I had my surgery there was a shop in the same building that fitted me for bras.  


I don't have any recommendation. Because I now just wear a Post Surgery bra from Hanes. It is a pullover bra.  I still have a drawer full of many beautiful beautiful bras from my presurgery days. I can't seem to throw them out. But I no longer wear them.

I live in Bucks County. The store I went to has stores in Huntingdon Valley, PA, Southampton, PA, Bensalem, PA an other locstions I don't remember. It was called the Profile shop. It has changed it's name but I forgot the new name. All the bras I got from The Profile SHop were paid for by my health insurance.



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Re: Bra for breast cancer survivors

@Kim Emmaus PA I hear you sister!   I am also a breast cancer survivor but I had a lumpectomy so my situation is a bit different.  However if you google "Mastectomy bras near me" you will see what's available in your area.  There are many specialty shops that do this, sometimes referred to as lingerie shops.   For me I had to go to one for my  compression sleeve I need to wear at times to avoid Lymphodema.  They did everything from bras to bathing suits.  I wish you well and congrats on your journey back to wellness.

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Re: Bra for breast cancer survivors

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This is the closest I've come to a conversation about breast cancer survivors. My fingers are having a hard time with the keyboard.


Can't imagine what you all have been through, but I must say I am so happy that you all made it through and I do wish all of you the best of health as you continue on.


@Kim Emmaus PA, @LindaSal, @drizzellla, @daisyk