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I know the big, bold glasses are in style. But I find them very distracting!  I know I could never pull them off.  Just because they’re fashionable currently, doesn’t mean you should wear them.  Opinions?

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Not a fan either. 

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Re: Big, bold glasses

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I have a small face and high cheekbones. The bigger glasses/sunglasses aren't flattering but most annoying, they fog up immediately when they hit my cheeks. Hard to find good quality polarized sunglasses that aren't huge.

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I LOVE a big bold status pair of eyeglasses.  For me, glasses are like jewelry an accessory to complete an outfit or look.


I unfortunately am petite with small features and a tiny head.  So I will pick cool colors and styles I just have to go with a small scale or I look like a pair of glasses wearing a tiny head instead of a lady wearing funky glasses.


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@Priss  I have two, plus sunglasses and I love the large size and look. 👍

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I like them.  I have a couple of pair of readers, in that style. 

I think, as with anything else, we should all feel free to wear styles that we like, and that express our personalities. 

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Re: Big, bold glasses

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 I really like these glasses as a fashion statement:


Dame Edna


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Nice for sunglasses for me.  More protection.

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I prefer the larger glasses especially for sunglasses.  The bigger and darker the better.

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I strongly prefer rimless glasses! They are much more comfortable and the style is timeless.