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Better containers for jewelry

I was to have received an As is African Amethyst ring today, instead all I received was a ripped paper envelope marked received in damaged condition all over the brown paper envelope. I cannot get another ring because there are no more. I called customer service and have been assured I will not be charged. 


I have a suggestion, as a long time QVC shopper, I recommend the company not use flimsy envelopes to ship expensive jewelry. They should use a carboard box. Anyone can feel a jewelry box through a thin envelope.


I probably will never order expensive jewelry from QVC again and I have ordered a bit. I am so disappointed and do not want to feel this way again.

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Re: Better containers for jewelry

I agree with you. It makes me nervous to have a costly piece of jewelry delivered in a paper envelope that easily rips. Sometimes QVC sends jewelry out in cardboard boxes if there are several orders included. I received a box of 5 jewelry orders in a 7 x 9 inch box just this week. I wish there had been some paper in the box since 3 of the boxes had come open and the contents spilled out, but still, it was an unexpected upgrade receiving a real box. The only downside was that my shipping was $25.00 plus 9.25% tax on that shipping which seems awfully high.

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Re: Better containers for jewelry

I bought a small cheap set of Disney Princess rings for my Granddaughter from kohl's and they sent those in a brown envelope that was torn like someone looked in it.


I guess when they say the Princess rings...they decide that they weren't worth stealing.......