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Re: Beauty IQ Suggestion for Mature Viewers

I’ve been watching Courtney lately depending on the vendor. She’s calmed down a lot and isn’t as loud,but Mally is just too much and I don’t watch her. 

Alberti isn’t on as much, unfortunately for me because I really enjoy him. 

It’s my opinion that Beauty IQ is geared toward the younger folks, but a host shouldn’t get sucked into the vendor’s childish behavior. 

Hosts should always remember that the product that they are selling is the star of the show.

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Re: Beauty IQ Suggestion for Mature Viewers

My suggestion is to make the Beauty IQ channel watchable and visually appealing by getting rid of the horizontal chyron/graphics. Those graphics interfere with the presentation of the products and it's especially noticeable when they replay beauty shows that were originally shown on QVC and QVC2. The horizontal graphics block the faces and products from being fully visible on a live feed or a videoclip. The graphics should be on the left hand side of the screen like they are on QVC and QVC2.



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Re: Beauty IQ Suggestion for Mature Viewers

QVC has been ignoring the customers over 60 for some time. I complained to customer service but it fell on deaf ears. QVC needs to get back to its roots and listen to the older consumers who have been there for decades.