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Has anyone noticed -- especially, QVC producers -- that Jill Bauer is more and more out of control? Jill is a lovely woman, but good gosh, I think even she would agree, if she would record and watch herself, she drones on and on and no longer gives the GUESTS any chance at all to talk. I remember when Lisa Mason, especially, was on with Valerie Parrhill, she let Valerie do almost all the talking. The other day Jill Bauer never stopped talking. Please, let the guests describe their own products. Yes, a host's job is to tell the audience certain details about shopping and ordering; but the GUEST should prevail. It's why we tune in: not to listen to hosts but to guests. Perhaps, Jill over-studies; she certainly comes well prepared. But, for instance, now I am trying to listen to Laura Geller, but Jill isn't allowing it. The other thing Jill does is to keep repeating, "Love it. Love it. Love it," the entire time the guest is speaking. The other day with Valerie, the entire two hours (or more?), poor Valerie was pretty much reduced to just nodding her head. At this point, I have to change channels because Jill's voice is giving me a migraine. Her tone has become very lecture-ish. Is she a control freak or what? I don't mean to be mean, I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I do suppose I speak for many, many viewers. If not, then it's just me. Thank you!

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Well Jill is long gone now but I always got the impression she tried to compete with Valerie Parr Hill