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Re: Amy Strans eternity band

'Gee', just a day or two ago, they offered a choice of four eternity bands.


Check out that Diamonique show, or just type in search 'Diamonique eternity bands'.   Sterling silver.

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Re: Amy Strans eternity band

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               @ROMARY 1,  I think this might be the listing you saw:   J362052   Diamonique Choice of Cut Eternity Band Ring, Platinum Clad





               I saw these presented on Thursday, on Erin and Rick's "Diamonique’s Royal Collection one-year anniversary" show.   @Fur Dude,  The selection in the round is similar to Amy's -- hers is item #J288906.




               @Mandy2006 and @BLING,  I agree with you about questions and requests to Erin on her Facebook page.    She's friendly, interested, and interactive with everyone and especially responsive and helpful.😊



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Re: Amy Strans eternity band

Thank you all so much! I saw those but I needed to see the video first. Might just have to go with one of those.