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I think Amy Stran;s constant wardrobe changes needs to stop. With Covid and all, might not be the safest thing. Plus, that is what the models are there for. She seems like she might be jealous when the camera is not on her.

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

Not a fan.

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

I really like Amy.

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

I agree that the models are there to let us see the clothing on a body. The host's job is to describe the product and give us the necessary measurements, fabric content, weight, size range, etc. Amy is not the only host changing. Others do as well from tops to shoes to outerwear and even wigs.


The hosts need to select items in their show to make an outfit, and wear it throughout their show. Their focus should be on informing the audience not modeling.

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

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I suspect the hosts are doing what their employer tells them to do.  Woman Frustrated


And I'm not sure what effect COVID has on changing clothes.  SMH.

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

@nextwinner   When presenting clothese most hosts change what they are wearing to what they are presenting.  I'm sure they are told to,  Amy is a good example as she is petite and I always like it when I can see it on her to judge how it would fit me as a petite also.  

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

Sorry @nextwinner 


I have seen NO medical proof that you can transmit Vid with clothing!  How is Amy changing into a different top, unsafe??


Kinda foolish statement and unless you have concrete scientific proof to back it up, ridiculous.


I agree with @KathyM23 ...I LIKE to see the hosts change esp Amy because I am shorter like she is.


If you have not noticed, they are using less and less models.  IMHO it is helpful to have the hosts wear the items as well.  They are all diff shapes and sizes just like we are.  It helps to identify with a body type.


Cheap snipe that she is jealous?   SMH

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

Much ado about nothing

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

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Really now...your first post to criticize a host....

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Re: Amy Stran Wardrobe Changes

I really believe she is doing this to give you some idea what most  garments would look like on a petite person,not everyone wear the same size and some sizes fit people different. I amquiet sure if there was a problem they would not allow it at all. I can remember when you had to rely on your measurements and there are some who have a problem with sizing and fit. You know in the pass we tried on clothing without having a thought about who tried on the garment, she is trying to be helpful. Since the pandemic if you noticed not all the models have been modeling I apprecitate the fact that they do it at

all. Please remember this is her job and if she is told to do something believe me she will do it.