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Sooo glad to view an entire accessory show tonight with just purses and bags.  To me they are so much more interesting than shoes.  Most of the time my size is not represented in the shoe shows, anyway.


Here's my vote for more live coverage of bag accessories!


Thank you!

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Re: Accessory shows - handbags

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 looked at the bags online out of curiosity . The price of these synthetic bags  of $190  or even the promo price  is ridiculous. I do like the style of the bag and bow  so 1950's , however I have  very nice real  leather bags  from yrs ago that I'll use before paying $190 -$170  for  a synthetic bag.

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Re: Accessory shows - handbags

@megsly - That's a great idea! I really hope TPTB hear about this suggestion. I did see most of this show and I thought Shawn did a great job.



The only thing I would suggest is she show the colors of the interiors of the bags. America and Beyond has some beautiful colors lining their bags, and she didn't show all of them.