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Re: AI II bout Susan Graver

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So embarrassed to say I was ordering the wrong size. No wonder everything was hanging on me. No longer have that problem.
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@Sweet_Serenity. We must watch different segments.  I only have one or two of her tunics, but many of her regular length tops, all of which are anything but boxy on me.  I don't buy a whole lot of prints, but find that hers aren't much different than other designers.  Guess we watch at different times.

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Re: AI II bout Susan Graver

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Why do you watch her if she bothers you so much? O/P Did it ever occur to you that  you can buy her clothing  on line.Woman Surprised

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@loveseveryone I rarely, if ever, watch more than 10 minutes of Q at a time. I do agree about Susan; however, she is a terrific designer and very passionate about her designs. I have some pieces from years ago and they do not wear out, but her prices are just too high for me.

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Rick Susan and Sandra  Just rude  Last night I had to strain to hear Sandra there was so much talking in the backround  Rick I just turn off 

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I so agree, and I also love her clothes, but  it is getting much to much and to many people talking at one time over each other. Just tone it down a notch and we will be good


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I think if SG could control her behavior she would, after all people who have watched her for years say she was not always like this. I noticed this radical change in her behavior after her MIL died, she may have relied on her MIL a great deal. Any way, the Q isin't going to do any thing about her so if you love her line, buy it online.

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Just check out her things online on "items recently on air"  and don't even turn on QVC....that's what I do!


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I really think that Susan Graver really enjoys presenting her clothing line. In fact I think that when she gets in line with the other models, she wants to show the clothes off and likes to show how cute she looks in them.  Some of the items that she creates are very nice; however there are many that I think look too matronly for my taste. 

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I agree... Many of Susan's clothes are very matronly....Did buy some cute jackets but that's it....If you notice that any of the ladies that call in are older....