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First and foremost....want to thank Lisa Rinna....for thinking of all of us, Petite people.

She made a few Petite length tops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't believe it!!!!!!! Needless to say...

I pounced on them. I'm 5"1". All the new Tunic styles, high low, long tops/blouses that

cover the tush....

Can't touch them with a ten foot pole, they are so out of proportion for my size. Way too long.

I've learned only to WATCH clothing shows, knowing that, there will be nothing to accommodate me.


I think....designers won't lose money, if they address my section of woman as well.

It is all about money, right?

Years ago...

There was much much more for me to choose from., although things were not made

as oversized as they are today.


Why we're ignored these days....just can't figure out.

We need clothes too....and want to look as well, as taller people.

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Oh how I agree - why  aren't the petite customers given the same opportunity.   Has anyone realized that QVC is turning into a Lane Bryant clothing company - everything is being catered to  the bigger person even to the point QVC is now having manufacturers making shoes in extra wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I FEEL SO INSULTED.  I am now 5'3" and wear a size small or size 8 and a size 8 in a shoe.  Even Vionic is starting to run wide in it's shoes and Clark's - forget them anymore - when I want Clark's I buy at Macy's because Macy's doesn't sell "old lady" shoes with  constant Mary Jane strapping and round work-boot looking toes.  QVC hardly sells anything modern anymore - very matronly clothing so that's why there is seldom any  petite clothing.  However, I will give credit to Denim & Co. because they are realizing there is a petite world out there but again, their clothes mainly look like they belong on a farm.  QVC is definitely not the place anymore to buy clothing, they have gotten rid of all their designers....where is Bradley and his leather clothing.....that doesn't sell on a farm, does it?