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I understand your suggestion but if there's a product I'm interested in and I don't like the host, I put the tv on mute and turn on the closed caption feature.  I do wish certain hosts would stop talking over the vendors but it seems that will never happen. It's all about the money...

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The whole idea of not buying a product because so-and-so is the host and you don't want that host to get the credit for the sale is ...  Sigh.


I hardly watch at all any more, but I really don't need to. I can click on Recently Aired Items to see what's been presented for the last 24 hrs. If there's something I'm interested in and I feel I should, I watch the video. If there is no video, I don't buy. Not much at QVC I HAVE to have.


Yes, there are hosts I don't like to watch but I just hit Mute. No biggie. There is only one host I just flat out skip; the rest of them I can watch for a few minutes at least and then hit Mute and watch the show, turning the sound back on if/when I need to.


I buy the products; I don't tune in to see a host, with again, one exception. So there's one I won't watch, period, and one I will always watch if I can. The rest? Varying degrees of meh or okay.

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For me it wouldn't matter. I really don't watch the shows much at all. I know the hosts but not the newer ones but have no preference on any of them. I think the presentation of any item is way too long. No wonder the hosts are not liked by some. Talking forever about an item must be difficult at times. In today's world it is all about shopping on line and that is what I do. If there is something I like (no matter what site), I look for a video and read the reviews then decide. 

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Again this would not even be an issue if the hosts would not make every sale personal in some way. From the testimonial calls you can tell the callers are very into the hosts who are selling the product. You have certain hosts who make selling clothes and accessories into a show about them and they have plenty of viewers who love that. I think very few viewers really need an item they buy, they tune in to watch the show and impulse buy.

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Re: A serious suggestion

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I keep QVC on for background noise and often and very often, I will buy.   However, I am much less likely to watch if the host's voice isn't pleasant to me, so I would not see the item on TV.  



You won't sell me a shirt.  Show it to me and if I like it I might buy the shirt.  I do want to see the shirt first and if the voice is irritating to me I won't see it because I won't be watching!