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I would like it if QVC could offer a 24" White Gold box chain.  Would this be possible?


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They must be out there.  Personally I'm not a silver lover and......if I'm going to pay gold prices - it better be gold in color.  (why not buy a silver chain?)

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I'd try Sam's Club

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Sam's Club is a good idea.  I'd add Ross Simons.  Beautiful things and excellent quality.  Other vendors, be sure they say 96.5 sterling silver or fine silver.

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Plibby, I searched the Q's website and was shocked to find almost no white gold box chains.  Lots of yellow gold, but only a few white gold chains that came with pendants and were 18" long.  Since the Q has nothing, another source I can suggest is an online jewelry retailer called Sarraff, they have a truly giant variety of chain styles (losts besides box) and offer 18 as well as 14 karat gold, and lots of lengths as well.  I've purchased a few chains from them and their quality is top notch.

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HSN just had a big jewelry day yesterday. I did see a whilte gold chain late in the evening. You might want to check their inventory. 

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@plibby1002 wrote:

I would like it if QVC could offer a 24" White Gold box chain.  Would this be possible?




Hi @plibby1002


Welcome to our Community Forums!  I would be more than happy to pass along your necklace suggestion for future consideration!



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