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@Chessa35- I'm in NJ and a Pats fan.  If people think other teams don't try to get the edge anyway they can, well, they are naive.  Let's not forget Sean Peyton and the "Bounty".  The domestic abuse, rape, animal abuse is a distant memory?  Not for me! Beli never attempted to hurt someone. He runs a tight ship.  He likes to win, who doesn't? 


Beli may have done things wrong but so do others but just don't get caught, not a big surprise there.  It had nothing to do with Brady.  Aaron Rogers openly admitted that he paid to have the ball inflated!  Where's the outrage lol 


it's Brady and Co on that field & determination, intelligence, preparation & a good work ethic make them winners & they are fun to watch! 


Even the hate is keep hating them because that gives them motivation to win or play the best game they can.  Yep, Brady looses but still manages to break records even then.....


Brady & Co class on and off the field.  This game was important to the team but especially, Edelman, kudos to him, MVP.  I love the comraderie and love within this organization.  Did anyone notice Cooks & Brady weaving through the crowds to hug each other?  It kinda says it all


@Stray.  Brady almost always goes up and greets or talks to former teammates. Always goes to Vinatari. Texting Wilfork back and forth for the short time he was in Texas. It's not always shown on tv.

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Did anyone see Ellen yesterday? She shaved Julian Edelman's beard off for a $10,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. He matched the donation. Ellen said she was going to auction the hair off too. 


He looks so much better, now you can see his handsome face. Tom had his slight beard shaved off for charity too.

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