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Re: Week Three of the 2019 NFL Playoffs!!!

I think the OT rules are fine. Football consists of offense and defense.If you don’t win the toss then get out there and stop them.  

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Re: Week Three of the 2019 NFL Playoffs!!!

@Sunshine45 wrote:

maybe they could just add an extra challenge or 2 (one each half?)......a challenge where a penalty COULD be challenged.


does anyone else think that they teams should play an entire quarter again if the game ends in a tie? really wondering how FAIR a coin toss is at the end of the game and how FAIR it is that if a team scores a touchdown on the first posession they are automatically the winners. maybe they should just play an entire quarter to make it more fair?



There was quite a discussion about this on Golic & Wingo.  I'm all for OT going a full quarter, because I'd rather see both teams play it out.  It seems whoever wins the coin toss has a definite advantage and usually wins.  And with the salary cap its hard for a team to be completely balanced, so a team that has a weaker defense and an explosive offense has a definite disadvantage if they lose the coin toss and they have to go with their weaker defense, and never get a chance to play the stronger part of their team and what got them to the championship game in the first place...

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Re: Week Three of the 2019 NFL Playoffs!!!

I think the rules are fine. It’s the luck of the draw and everyone has an equal chance of calling the toss. The fact that the first score must be a TD compensates for the advantage the winner of the toss has over the team who lost the toss.
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Re: Week Three of the 2019 NFL Playoffs!!!

@Sunshine45 wrote:

NFL could make pass interference reviewable

IMO pass interference was the least of that call...or non-call. It was a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless receiver. That at least should’ve been called. If the player hadn’t gotten up from the ground and had to be carted off in a neck brace, I wonder if that would’ve changed their opinion about whether to call it or not.



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Re: Week Three of the 2019 NFL Playoffs!!!

again, there were numerous blown call during that game.....




how about the face mask non call for the ramst goff?


or this face mask non call for the rams cooks?






of course there was the pass interference no call that everyone is talking about.



not sure if the helmet to helmet contact would have been a foul. not sure that that met the criteria for helmet to helmet foul call?


 The rule officially reads, "Lowering the head to initiate contact with the helmet is a foul."




ALL of these could have made differences in the game if they had been called. a 15 yard penalty is always a big deal.

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