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Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

The Jets take on the Browns. An iffy game. The Browns are playing better, so I'll take the Browns to finally win a game.


The Saints take on the Falcons. I'll take the Falcons.


Packers at Redskins. I'll take Aaron Rodgers and the Pack.


Colts at the Eagles.Wentz is back! Now if only he had a receiver. The Eagles are desperately searching for a body to catch passes. Jordan Matthews was brought in for a workout and Jeremy Maclin is coming in. The Eagles defense should keep things close. I'll take the Eagles.


The Bills at the Vikes. I'll take the Vikes. The Bills look really bad.


The Raiders at the Dolphins. I'll take the Dolphins.


Broncos at the Ravens. I'll take the Ravens.


Bengals at the Panthers. I'll take the Panthers.


The Giants at the Texans. JJ Watt against Ereck Flowers? I'll take the Texans.


The Titans at the Jags. I'll take the Jags.


The Niners at KC. Mahomes looks like the real deal. I'll take KC.


The Chargers at the Rams. I'll take the Rams.


The Cowbots go to Seattle. I'll take the Seahawks.


The Bears take on the Cards. I'll take the Bears.


The Patriots take on the Lions. The Pats will likely bounce back and get the win.


The Steelers take on the Bucs. I'll take the Bucs.

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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

I expect the Colts-Eagles game to be a close one. Wentz might start out rusty or play well, like he never missed any time. The Colts' defense has looked good in the last two games. Also, Reich is familiar with the Eagles' schemes having worked with them. That gives the Colts a slight advantage IMO.  I'm sure that both teams will be studying tapes. I'm interested what kind of reception Reich will get from the Eagles' fans


Dez Bryant is still available, wonder why the Eagles haven't given him a workout. Too much money? 

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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

@teganslawI think Dez is still hanging out because he wants too much money, and has some attitude issues coaches don't want to take on.



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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

The Eagles signed Jordan Matthews who was with the team last year in training camp before getting traded to the Bills. He was a very good friend to Carson Wentz, so that could be helpful. He knows the offense already, just needs to pick up some new things here and there.
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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

Here are my picks for Week #3.


I think Wentz will play very, very well. I just really, really, really hope he will not be running for his life the way Foles was forced to do last week. The offensive line was so incredibly porous and ineffective, that Foles was knocked down 12 times last Sunday ... but still managed to have a very good game throwing over 300 yards with several TDs and no picks. But if Pederson puts Wentz out there without having addressed that offensive line issue, we could be in some serious trouble. Vaitai came in for Peters last week...but it was not just Vaitai's fault. Something else was going on. And the Eagles' defense is hot and cold. Last week they were not sharp at all,, allowing TB to rack up 28 points. So if the Colts defense steps up as they did against the Redskins last week ... and Luck has a good game ... then I think they could win. But I will go with the Eagles!!


So here goes ....


BROWNS over Jets


VIKINGS over Bills


TEXANS over Giants


PACKERS over Redskins


CHIEFS over 49ers


RAIDERS over Dolphins


EAGLES over Colts


JAGUARS over Titans


PANTHERS over Bengals


RAVENS over Broncos


FALCONS over Saints


RAMS over Chargers


BEARS over Cardinals


COWBOYS over Seahawks


LIONS over Patriots .... wishful thinking!!


BUCCANEERS over Steelers



Good luck to all!!!!





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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

[ Edited ]

Lets see if I can make some decent picks and not be a disaster like my team..........Woman Frustrated



Jets vs Browns-- The Browns have a good defense and  the Jets have a pretty good defense too....Which takes us to the offenses.......I think I'll go with the BROWNS


Saints vs Falcons---The Saints have struggled, and after a slow start the Falcons are back on track....going with the FALCONS!!!  


Packers vs Redskins--The pending flooding from Florence scared Redskin fans away from the game, but this week the Redskin's awful play on both offense and defense and bad game planning will scare Redskin fans away....RB Rob Kelley went on IR and 2 new WRS were signed Breshad Perriman and Michael Floyd, .....  The only hope my team has of beating the Packers is if Aaron Rodger's injury really bothers him and he doesn't play, but I think Rodgers plays and my Redskins get annihilated Woman Sad....PACKERS with an easy way....Cant wait for the NBA season and my new look SPURS.... Woman Indifferent


Colts vs Eagles---It took awhile for the Eagles to get going last week, and now Foles sits on the bench and Wentz returns to the helm after his injury....Will he be rusty???  Reich had the Colts humming with a good game plan, and Andrew Luck was on target...and if comes down to a FG we know which team has a future HOF in Vinatieri...I'm going with the COLTS.....( @teganslaw  I hope I dont jinx your Colts).  


Bills vs Vikings--Gee I hope the entire Bills team doesnt retire at half time.  The Vikings played a game for the ages, and Captain Kirk and company looked good against Rodgers and the Packers, so they should just cruise past the Bills, going with the VIKINGS!


Raiders vs Dolphins---Coach Gruden said they need a pass rusher----gee too bad they let Mack get away.  The Dolphins are better than people thought--Im going DOLPHINS!


Broncos vs Ravens-- @Sunshine45  wont be able to say I jinxed her team because Im picking the BRONCOS!!!  


Bengals vs Panthers--Two feline teams battle it out.....The Bengals have been playing well, and you never know which Cam Newton will show up....going with my cat Figgy's BENGALS!  


Giants vs Texans--The Texans have struggled and haven't gotten back to form, well here's a nice remedy for them---the New york Football Giants---JJ Watt and company must be licking their chops---TEXANS!


Titans vs Jaguars--JAGUARS!!!  They are just the better team.


49ers vs Chiefs--Those Chiefs are looking good and Mahomes has been brilliant and they are at Arrowhead too.......CHIEFS!!! 


Chargers vs Rams---the battle for LA!!!  This might be a better game than people think, but I just gotta go RAMS!


Cowboys vs Seahawks--Dak looked decent but it was against the Giants, the Seahawks are struggling, they are playing in Seattle so they will have the fans to inspire them.  I think the Cowboys become who we thought they were---SEAHAWKS!! 


Bears vs Cards--If the Cards struggled against the Redskins defense I hate to see what Mack does to them--DA BEARS with an easy win.


Patriotsvs Lions--Tom and Gronk will bounce back...PATRIOTS! 


Steelers vs Bucs--The Steelers arent playing real well, but boy the Bucs sure are with Fitzpatrick leading the charge and having fun too--BUCS!!!















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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

I love football and am happy to see some football posts Smiley Happy  I agree with you hoping for a win by the Browns during tomorrow's Thursday night game.  And, I invested a lot of time and energy when the Rams were in St Louis, so I will continiue to follow them.  I'd like to see them keep winning.  (I do not like the owner, but have no hard feelings to the team in general.)


Don't forget the NCAA games Smiley Happy  I get energized watching them too.

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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

I'm sorry I have to go against you guys, but I'm a Jets fan and am hoping they'll win!

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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

@Jordan2 wrote:

I'm sorry I have to go against you guys, but I'm a Jets fan and am hoping they'll win!





i am a ravens fan and i want the jets to win also. Smiley Wink

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Re: Week Three of the 2018 NFL Regular Season!!!

Who knew a game between the Jets and Browns could be so exciting? That was one of the best TNF games I've seen. Both teams have legitimate defenses, and star playmakers. 


The Jets almost pulled it off, but those darn interceptions at the end hurt them. I could tell the difference when Mayfield came on the field; there was certain electricity in the air when he arrived. I wanted the Browns to finally win a game. Now I'll be pulling for the Jets to sweep the Patriots.