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Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

It's go time people! Let's get this season started!


We start out with the Packers at the Bears. I have no idea what we'll see from the Packers in this game. A new head coach. An old QB learning a new system facing a very good defense. In a perfect world I'd like to see the game come down to a field goal to win it for the Bears only to have their kicker do another double-doink, but that's unlikely. I guess I'll take the Bears playing at home with their known good defense. The Packers could be very good this year, or they could implode. That chemistry between the head coach and starting QB is kind of important and I'm not sure that's developed between Rodgers and LaFleur. I'm giving the edge to the Bears.


Next up are the Bills at the Jets. I suspect these two teams will be fairly evenly matched all year. They may even be fighting it out for an AFC wildcard playoff slot towards the end of the year. I think both are a step down from New England, but miles ahead of the Dolphins. Vegas says the Jets are going to win, but I kind of like Buffalo in this one.


Next up are the Titans at the Browns. Stopping that Browns offense will be a big challenge for defenses and I just don't see Tennessee up to the task. I'm taking the Browns.


The Redskins come to Philly to take on the Eagles. The first quarter could be rough for the Eagles as the starters haven't played in the preseason, but once they adjust to the speed of the game I suspect the Eagles will roll. There really aren't any gaping holes in the Eagles roster to exploit and that Redskin's offensive line will get one heck of a test. I've got the Eagles winning this one fairly easily. DeSean Jackson loves playing against his former teams also and I dare say he wants to make an impression on Josh Norman. The Redskins' o-line and QB situations are far from ideal right now. This one could get ugly. Eagles win big.


The Falcons go to the Vikings. I don't know which Falcons team will show up, the Super Bowl team from a few years back, or the more mediocre team from last year. I guess I'll take the Vikings.


The Chiefs go to Jacksonville to take on the Jags. If Nick Foles is on his game (a big if) the Jags could win this one. On his good days he can go throw for throw with any QB in the league. The problem is on his bad days he can look very mediocre. I'll take the Chiefs in this one. An upset wouldn't shock me though.


The Ravens take on the Dolphins in what promises to be an early season bye for the Ravens. The Dolphins are tanking for Tua/Herbert. They'll likely lose their way to that first overall pick in 2020, but if they don't, they'll have the draft ammunition to trade into it anyway. It's hard to find a team that projects to be worse than the Dolphins right now. Someone up there just hates Josh Rosen. He's been dumped into two impossible situations for a talented young QB. Last year Arizona and this year Miami. The good news for Dolphins' fans is if they hit on their many, many upcoming draft picks, they could become a dominant team in a few years time. I'll take the Ravens winning this one big.


The Rams are at the Panthers. This is a tough one. I don't know if Cam Newton will even play with his foot sprain or how effective he'll be if he does play. The Rams are a good team but traveling east for a one o'clock game can be troublesome for west coast teams. Will the Rams have a Super Bowl hangover? I guess I'll take the Rams, but if Cam is healthy and plays well (two big ifs,) they could win.


The Colts are at the Chargers. I think Jacoby Brissett is an okay quarterback, but I have a strong suspicion getting a new franchise QB will be high on the Colts offseason wish list. I love Frank Reich and he can work miracles, but I just don't see this season going well for the Colts right now. I'm taking the Chargers. (The colts will likely be shopping for a new QB in free agency, via trade, or the draft before next season. Nate Sudfeld of the Eagles will be a free agent next year, so Reich could look there.)


The Bengals are at the Seahawks. I don't see this ending well for the Bengals. The Seahawks are very good and playing at home. The Bengals, well, they're the Bengals. I'll take Seattle big.


The Lions are at the Cardinals. The Lions defensive coaches have no doubt been watching a lot of college film to prepare for whatever Kliff Kingsbury will throw at them. That Cards offensive line may be the Achilles heel though no matter what Kingsbury thinks up. I'll take the Lions in this one.


The Niners go to Tampa to play the Bucs. Will either underperforming QB rise up and start to play well? Vegas has the Bucs as the slight (very slight) favorite, but I'm taking the Niners.


The Giants go to the Cowboys. The Cowboys should win pretty easily, but NFC East games can surprise you from time to time. The Giants offense seems to be built on short passes across the middle of the field. (Eli has a hard time gettting the ball outside these days.) If the Cowboys stay in their base defense they'll be counting on their linebackers being able to cover, then tackle some pretty shifty slot type receivers. If they go nickel or dime to help cover, they run the risk of Barkley running wild through the smaller DB's. I'm picking the Cowboys to win, but an upset wouldn't shock me. The Cowboys can counter the short passing game by having their d-linemen getting their hands up and deflecting Eli's short balls.


The Steelers take on the Patriots. The Steelers have gotten weaker while the Patriots are still the Patriots. Could the Steelers pull off the upset? Sure. I don't think they will though. I'll take the Patriots.


The Texans take on the Saints. I don't think the psyche of the Texans is very good right now. The Saints will likely be a dominant team this year. I'm taking the Saints big in this one.


And finally the Broncos at the Raiders. Which Joe Flacco will show up for the Broncos? The Super Bowl MVP guy from a few years ago, or the more mediocre guy from recent years? I'll take the Raiders in this one. 


It should be a fun week of football. 

Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!
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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

Go Bears!!!!

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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

Brissett has a better team surrounding him than he did in 2017, so that's a positive note. Melvin Gordon won't be playing, and Derwin James is on IR, which helps the Colts. Rivers is an experienced QB, though, and this game will be a challenge. 


Hoyer is visiting the Colts now. Other teams are signing QB's, but it's taking the Colts a long time to find a backup. I don't know what the hold up is. 


The Cowboys are close to a deal with Zeke. Will be interesting to see details of the new contract. 

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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

Go Packers,  but I have to pick the  Bears.

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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!




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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

The colts  are loaded. They are going to be better then what people think. They are so fast. They have three WR that all ran around a 4.3. They have playmakers all over the field and they are loaded on the dline. JB was very good in the few games he played in NE when they had a really good team. Now with a new contract I think he will prove he is a great QB. Can’t compare to 2017 at all. He has a great opportunity ahead of him.

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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!


@Chicagosuburbangirl wrote:

Go Bears!!!!

Festivities start at noon  100 years NFL  Go Bears


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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

We have a real live, honest to goodness football game tonight! Whoo hoo! The Bears versus the Packers. The Packers have an overall lead in the series of 96-94-6 but that lead could lose a game tonight.


I have no idea what to expect from the Packers tonight. A new young, progressive head coach with an older, veteran QB is always an interesting mix. Will they come out clicking on all cylinders and will they come out sputtering? I have no idea. I just want a nice close game.


In a perfect world (at least for the entertainment value) the Bears will be trailing by a few points and a long range field goal will win the game for them. (Flashback to last year's playoffs and the double-doink.) Just as their kicker is ready to make the kick, the Packers will call timeout to ice the kicker and worry the head coach still more. The ball gets snapped, the same offensive lineman who yielded too much and let Treyvon Hester get a finger on the ball last year, yields too much and lets a Packer get a finger on the ball and the ball gets tipped just enough to send it towards the goalposts and the whole stadium grabs their chests and feels a sense of deja vu as they try to will the ball through the uprights.It hits and bounces off the upright straight down to the crossbar (another double-doink) and then hangs in the air for about a week before falling on one side of the cross bar or the other.


Matt Nagy, the Bears head coach, has so obsessed over kickers this offseason that it would be fun (for a non-Bears fan anyway) to see that situation repeat itself. He had a good kicker last year who would have made the game winning kick if it hadn't been tipped, but he fired the kicker and not the guy who gave ground and let Hester tip the ball. Since that game the Bears have gone through something like eight kickers and it's dominated their offseason. It doesn't matter who your kicker is if the offensive line lets a guy through to block the kick.


I think the Bears will get the win. I think at this time they're just the better team, but we'll have to see. Aaron Rodgers is special though. The Packers have just never done enough to consistently surround him with the talent he needs. If he'd consistently had better weapons around him, he could have rewritten the record books. Instead Packer management more relied on Rodgers to elevate the players around him, which he did to some extent. We'll have to see what happens tonight. It should be a fun game anyway.

Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!
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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

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YAY NFL FOOTBALL!!!---HERE WE GO!!!!  Woman Very Happy


Let's make some picks, the first week is the hardest since the draft, free agency, and some coaching changes we dont really know what we got yet for some teams:


Packers vs Bears--The Pack have a new coach and concentrated on beefing up their defense.  The Bears must see Trib continue to grow....I'm going with DA BEARS and Khalil Mack for the win!!! 


Bills vs Jets---This is a difficult game to pick....I think it will go down to the QBs and I say Sam Darnold will have the better game and take the JETS!


Titans vs Browns---The Dawg Pound will be howling, and Mayfield will put on his swagger as he drools over his weapons.....and their D isnt half bad either....Meanwhile Mariota faces another year of question marks as to whether he's the answer at QB---THE BROWNS for the WIN!!!


Redskins vs Eagles---Rival games in the NFC East Schedule start early in the season......Eagles are loaded.....Redskins LT is missing in action, and we have a new QB, we will see how the O line holds up against the Eagles D......I think Gruden will rely on the running game....TE Reed finally cleared concussion protocol--- and will actually play....SMH....It will be interesting to see how our young WRs fair---coaches have been bragging about Haskin's buddy McLaurin---lets see what he's got, a healthy Richardson will help too....The Redskins strength is their D....hopefully they create some turnovers....ROLL RED TIDE!!! But in the end I think the Eagles have a more talented team and the EAGLES will prevail....but watch out for the rematch later in the season....when Trent Williams returns


Falcons Vs Vikings---Well let's see how Capt Kirk does in his second year with the team....and whether the Viking D will actually show up!!!  Some say that this is the best Falcon team they've had in a while.....But I'm going with the home team and taking THE VIKINGS!!!--SKOL!!!


Chiefs vs Jaguars---Everyone's favorite little darling QB Patrick Mahomes will be under pressure to score points since the Chiefs D is sadly lacking and gee there's already a defensive player on suspension for the first game....The Jags march out their new QB, Foles, and maybe this will inspire and re-generate the other side of the ball that Jags defense!!!  I think it will take a little time for Foles to get his feet wet with his new team.....It will be SUNNY, HOT, and HUMID in Florida....maybe it will help the Jags, but I think the CHIEFS will win this game!  


Ravens Vs Dolphins---Another game played in Florida and the weather will be HOT AND HUMID....The Dolphins have Fitzmagic starting....and the Ravens have their mobile QB Lamar Jackson at the helm.....the Dolphins traded away their LT---Fitz will need a lot of magic to stay upright, and I think the Dolphins are tanking for Tua...I'm going with THE RAVENS (sorry @Sunshine45  I hope I don't jinx your team Smiley Wink )


Rams VS Panthers---There's a lot of media people expecting big things from the Panthers but I just don't see it especially with Cam's foot injury.....And on the other side there's question marks on how healthy Gurley really is (BTW love his commercial with his cat) , I'll take the "cat dad" and his team and go with THE RAMS for the victory!!! 


Colts VS Chargers---This should be an interesting game..(and no home field advantage here) can Phillip Rivers and the Chargers offense survive without their hold out RB...and how will the Colts QB Brissett handle the starting job, the Colts WR TY Hilton says this is the best Colts team he's been on even without Andrew Luck....I think Rivers will be the difference maker....going with THE CHARGERS (sorry @teganslaw )


Bengals VS Seahawks----Not much to say here, Bengals have mistakenly given up on Andy Dalton....he's not their problem....I think Marvin Lewis overstayed his welcome and coached on auto-pilot.  They got rid of their problem child and thug Burfict---good move.  The Seahawks added Clowney to the mix on D, and they have talented QB Russell Wilson on offense along with the "12th man"....All of this spells DISASTER for the Bengals...SEAHAWKS with an easy WIN!!


Lions VS Cardinals---Murray and Kingsbury make their NFL debut....Going with the better QB and taking THE LIONS--(Roar Lions Roar) @redwingsgal 


49ers VS Bucs----Jimmy G better play better than what he did in preseason---he looked pretty rusty coming back from injury.....The Bucs have a new coach in Bruce Arians.....sadly they still have Winston at QB...who has been so inconsistent and started to show his true colors off the field too....Can Bruce work his QB magic????  Or will the 49ers live up to last year's hype.....I think the 49ers will take this game....


Giants VS Cowboys---The Giants have played well at "Jerry's Palace"....The big news is Zeke is coming back for the Cowboys after his holdout, what kind of shape is he long will he play.  QB Dak is still trying to see some love from the Cowboys in the form of a new contract which is still ongoing....We will need to see if the Boyz defense can slow down Giants RB Barkley....and whether Eli's O line will give him time to throw down OBJ for Eli but WR Shepherd says he's feeling great and ready for the Cowboys.....I bet Eli is happy there's no longer any WR drama....I'm taking an UPSET here and going with my sister's GIANTS!!!!  Woman Very Happy (maybe this is just wishful thinking Smiley Wink )


Steelers Vs Patriots---The ageless one, Tom Brady, leads the Super Bowl Champs for another season but without Gronk.....The Steelers have gotten rid of problem child AB and have to be smiling with all the shennigans they are reading about in Oakland....Can JuJu provide enough offense for the Steelers????..Can an aging Big Ben still get it done????  Somehow the Patriots always find a way to win....going with the Champs and the PATS!!!


Texans VS Saints---I think that bad call in the playoffs is haunting the Saints on what could have been....this will give them an extra push this season to succeed, and their window is closing...who knows how long Brees will play.....The Texans lost Clowney and does Watson have enough protection to keep him upright and healthy....Im going with THE SAINTS especially in New Orleans!!!


Broncos VS Raiders----Da Raiders final season in Californhia before they head off to the bright lights of Vegas.....Have Gruden and Mayock put enough talent together for a good season???? And what about problem children AB and Incognito....will their off the field antics create problems ---- stay tuned!!!  The latest is "the letter" Mayock sent to AB!!!  Carr is under pressure to perform but he hasnt had much help on offense in the past, will AB help him turn the tide.....Meanwhile the Broncos have signed veteran QB Flacco to lead them....The Broncos have a solid D and talented players in Von Miller and Chubb.... I think AB will want to show off his "stuff"....and he has "The Black Hole" to spur him on, BUT I think THE BRONCOS and their D prevail and get the win!!!












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Re: Week One of the NFL Regular Season!!!

I'm looking forward to the game Sunday. The Colts' defensive line is  good and should protect Brissett; he needs to be accurate in his throws and connect with the other players. Also, limit the amount of penalties and don't drop the ball. 


Almost all analysts are positive that Jameis Winston will have a big game. I don't trust him so much, as he has been inconsistent in the past. Maybe things will improve under Arians, but I need to see some games played before I jump on the bandwagon for Winston. 


Antonio Brown has posted  a photo of himself on Instagram showing how unhappy he is with the fines he received for missing training camp. It's all about him; the Raiders should have known what they were getting when they signed Brown. Will his off the field activities affect his playing? Stay tuned....